Kiwico’s Spin Art Machine

My son loves Tinker Crate by Kiwico because it allows him to…well, TINKER

The projects are truly STEAM. Since I am not an engineer or scientist, I never knew how to come up with projects that would keep his interest or challenge him in the science, tech and engineering sides of STEAM. 

Kiwico Tinker Crate

  • Parts and Components to project
  • Blueprint Instructions
  • Tinker Zine Science Booklet on the Physics of Spinning
  • Papers and pints for your first art pieces

Step 1:

The first step was to put the spinning mechanism together using the box that the supplies came in as the housing. Then the cover was added to keep the paint from flying everywhere.

Step 2:

The last part in assembling the spinning mechanism is the electrical component. The blueprint shows you how to trim bend and trim the resistors. It also gives you different configurations to place the resistors in order to test whether the wheel goes faster or slower so that you can understand how resistors work.

Step 3:

Then you attach the battery compartment and wire it up!

Endless Possibilities!

We have dripped paint on the papers while it was stationary and then turned it on. We have dripped paint on the papers while it was spinning. We have used a brush to apply paint lightly as it was spinning. We have used a combination of both.

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