Kiwico’s Portfolio

Kiwico Doodle Crate

  • Material and supplies to make your portfolio
  • Instruction booklet
  • Sketchbook that fits perfectly into the portfolio

Step 1:

This project is reversible, so you can chose for the main color of your portfolio to be the blue fabric or the purple leather. My daughter chose the purple leather. Once you know which color you are choosing, you can sew the pocket onto the portfolio with the contracting color showing. 

Step 2:

First fold your portfolio in half so that the holes line up. Then starting from the bottom, sew up both sides of the portfolio. When you come to the end, try to hide the knot in between the two pieces of fabric so that it will be hidden. 

Step 3:

The next thing to do is to add your metal embellishments. Have your child plan the pattern ahead of time because it is not symmetrical. There is one row in the center of the pattern, so you might want the pattern to be symmetrical on both sides and the middle row be unique.

One option is to rotate the squares into diamond instead.

Here is a progression of my daughter's pattern:

My daughter really enjoys the Doodle Crate projects every month. They are so well suited for here at this age. She loves to draw and sketch and the projects are geared towards budding artists.

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