Flower Pom Pom

floral flower pom pom maker

I love making pom poms with yarn I think as much as my daughter. I recently experimented with making a flower pom pom. It turned out better than expected and I plan to make a pom pom wreath using some flower pom poms in the future.


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Step 1:

You start with the centers of the flowers. We chose yellow as our center color. You want to place the two centers equally spaced at about the 45 degree point on the half circle of the pom pom maker. As far as how much yarn to twist around for the centers of the flower, I just estimated it and it turned out a little larger than I probably would've liked. I think my pedals were just a little too small though as well. When you cut the yarn, try to hold onto the ends with the fingers that you are using to hold the pom pom maker.

Step 2:

The next piece of the flower are the pedals. You want your flowers to have pedals all around the center and you want them to be fairly equal in size. This was the part that took me a few times to really master. I got a good amount of the pedal yarn on the sides of the center, but not enough over the top.

Step 3:

Then comes the leaves. For my flower pom pom, I just filled in between the two flowers with my green yarn. I used a different type of yarn for the leaves than the rest of the pom pom. What happened was the green yarn condensed more than the other yarn, so the leaves are like an indentation on my pom pom. I don't think it works for this type of pom pom, but it did give me some ideas for other types of pom pom crafts where you could vary the types of yarn to give the pom poms texture.

Step 4:

I filled the remaining areas with white until the yarn had filled in all the negative space of the pom pom maker. Then you repeat everything on the other side and close the two sides together.

Step 5:

Cut the yarn at the center where the pom pom maker comes together with sharp pointed sewing shears. Then take a piece of yarn and slip it in between the pom pom maker where you just cut the yarn and tie it pulling as tight as you can. You need to tie it at least twice. The first time you tie the pom pom will not be tight enough and the pom pom will fall apart on you.

Step 6:

The most exciting part of this craft is opening up the pom pom maker…so satisfying 🙂 Give it a few shakes and take your shears and trim the pom pom until you are happy with the shape of your pom pom.

These pom pom would look great sewn onto a pillow or sewn together as a rug or even a wreath. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. I had never made a pom pom and I think it is something that I will incorporate into my crafts a lot more often.

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    October 26, 2019 at 5:45 am

    Cute. It’s nice you point out mistakes so that others who think they can’t fo crafts will see that it doesn’t always work out & that’s OK.:-) I thought to do do a craft blog with all the trials & errors but I have dial-up so it’s out of the question.

    • Reply
      Deborah Holland
      October 26, 2019 at 11:28 pm

      Thank you Laura. I appreciate your comment. Always dream big! If you asked me if I would have a blog a few years ago, I would’ve told you that you were crazy! Here I am though…slowly but surely, little by little learning and growing. 🙂

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