Felt Sewing Craft Box


This is a great felt sewing craft box I found on Amazon. It was well done and organized. It was my 7-year old daughters first real sewing project and she loved it. Click on any of the photos for to link to it on Amazon.

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  • We loved loved loved the personal thank you note from madam posy and the fact that it's a mom and her two daughters just like nearly crafty!

Step 1:

There are five projects…a grey unicorn, a white unicorn, a cloud, star and a rainbow. Unfortunately this did not interest my 10-year old son whatsoever, so it was just my daughter and me. My daughter chose the unicorn and I chose the cloud.

We laid all the felt pieces out facing each other so that we made sure that we got all the pieces facing the right direction.

Then we glued the ears on, sewed the eyes on and glued the nose down.

Step 2:

Put the two sides together lining up the holes as best you can to start sewing

Step 3:

It was very easy for my 7-year old daughter to follow along the holes and sew the sides together. Once you are about an inch from being done, you push the stuffing in little by little until the stuffing is even and the felt pillow is nice and plump. Here little fingers came in handy pushing the stuffing up into the smaller legs and nose of the unicorn.

One thing I did have to help her with is when you got the end and didn't want the knot to show on the outside. Try and make your knot in between the two pieces of felt as shown below.

And here is the final result!

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