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Embossing with Stamps and Embossing Powder

embossing with rubber stamps diy stationary

Having embossed stationary gives a very good impression. It looks thoughtful and professional. An easy way to emboss a stationary project is to use embossing powder. Papercrafting with stamps and heat embossing has always yielded really exciting results for us.

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Let me start this craft by saying that it took us several tries to get this right, so be patient if it doesn’t work the first time. When it does work, it is “totally awesome!”. The kids will be shouting “Whoa! That’s so cool!”.

Step 1: Get your supplies ready

Decide what you’d like to emboss. It could be cards, invitations, gift tags, gift bags. Start by getting your paper products all cut and ready.

I suggest that you start with a small stamp on one of the scrap pieces of paper that you might have left over to get the hang of it first before starting on your final project.

Step 2: Make the stamp

Press the rubber stamp into the embossing ink pad making sure to press down all four corners and in the middle of the stamp. Then stamp onto paper again making sure to press down on all four corners and in the middle of the stamp.

Step 3: Pour the embassing powder

shaking the embossing powder out onto the paper
forest of trees white embossing powder used on black paper

Pour the embossing powder over the paper making sure to cover all the embossing ink. Fold the paper like a taco shell and dump the excess embossing powder back into the container. What you end up with is a very powder-like delicate image. Do not rub the powder because it will fall right off before you set it with the heat tool.


Step 4: Heat it up

To set the embossing powder, you need to heat it up. I have a friend who has Martha Stewart Crafts Heat Tool and loves it. It’s a little more user friendly for kids. I just used the heat gun we have. I set it to 850 degrees and held it about 1 ½” away from the paper. Move the heat tool slowly back and forth. You will know when the embossing powder sets because it melts and looks like a shiny liquid. This is especially apparent with the black powder.

Once it is set, it is hard to rub or scrape off. You can use what you made as-is or cut the image out and glue onto cards or gifts.

using an exacto and straight edge to cut the excess paper
forest of trees white embossing powder used on black paper

I love the final handmade look that this process provides. The possibilities are endless. 

Please leave your comments below about your experiences with embossing with stamps as well as photos of your creations to share.

For more embossing powder ideas, check out Pinterest!

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