Driftwood Air Plant Arrangement

driftwood air plant arrangement diy costal home decor beautiful

This diftwood airplant arrangement turned out to be quite a beautiful craft and it was super easy and relaxing. I placed one of them on top of my fireplace mantel. This would be great in a beach theme home decor.

driftwood air plant ikebana
driftwood air plant ikebana
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I ordered some driftwood and air plants from Amazon and I already had the other embellishments from a large bag of potpourri I had bought.

Step 1:

This exercise is a lot like Ikibana…less is more. You want to start by deciding which way you would like your driftwood to lay on the table. Then once you have an idea try placing different air plants in different locations on the driftwood until you find a spot that looks natural like the air plant has been growing there for years.

Step 2:

Once you know how your driftwood is going to lay and where your air plants will be placed. Then try to choose only 2 or 3 types of pieces from your potpourri. Set aside those pieces from the potpourri that you would like to use in little piles.

driftwood air plant arrangement craft supplies

Step 3:

Start arranging the potpourri pieces around the air plant without gluing them down yet.

driftwood air plant arrangement craft
driftwood air plant arrangement craft

Step 4:

Once you are happy with what you have deconstruct it and start gluing it back together.

driftwood with air plant
driftwood with air plant

I hope you enjoyed this craft. It is so quick and easy and turned out beautiful!

driftwood air plant arrangement craft

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