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DIY Leather Bowl

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This leather bowl craft is an absolutely PERFECT gift for Dad. It's super easy. My 7-year old daughter could do it. It also is very attractive and functional. It can be a catch all on a dresser or table as you enter the home.

A few other ideas that I had but did not try were to use snaps to secure the corners instead of the leather strips. Also, you can stamp a saying or name or initials into the bowl to give it that personal touch.

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Step 1:

The first step is to decide how deep you would like your bowl. It could be very shallow almost more like a plate or deeper like a bowl.

shallow leather bowl
deep leather bowl

Step 2:

Based on how you would like the bowl to be shaped fold the corner in half and mark where you would like the first hole to be.

folding the corner in half
marking where to make the holes

Step 3:

Take your leather strip and try to fit it onto the holes of the punch. Once you can get the strip to easily fit into the hole punch, that's the size you should use.

sizing the holes for the leather strip

Step 4:

Now fold your corner in half again and mark the other side of the hole you need to punch so that it matches. Then measure from the corner to the hole so you know what distance from the corner to mark the other three corners. Repeat on all four corners making sure all four corners are the same distance from the corner of the leather.

measuring the first hole from edge

Step 5:

Cut your leather strip about 1 1/2 – 2 inches long and tie all four corners together. You may have to trim the ends. We just did a simple knot.

tying the corners of the leather bowl
detail of diy leather bowl
finished leather bowl project
finished leather bowl with watch and lighter

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