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My Journey of Self RE-discovery

So what has transpired so far due to me questioning who I am and how I would chose to spend some free time? I've walked away from the TV. I've fallen back in love with reading. I've commandeered a large portion of our front room for my office and studio. I'm writing. I’m creating. I'm learning. I'm expanding my knowledge base and therefore my horizons. I started a blog about one of my many passions…personal finance, passive income, real estate investing and financial independence. Then I started this blog with my children. We're crafting and creating together as a family. Blogging started out very superficially though. It was purely looking to make some extra money. It was going to be my side hustle until I stumbled across several books…Chasing Slow, My Happiness Project, Your Money of Your Life and Becoming. These books especially Your Money of Your Life changed my trajectory. I wanted my presence online to have an impact. Putting yourself out there into the world is not easy. I have a constant stream of voices in my head telling me that no one will want to read your words of “wisdom” or “insights”. No one will feel anything

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You know that Motherhood is one of the hardest jobs because in order to perform said job one needs to sacrifice the majority of oneself…sleep, sitting down to a meal, having an original thought, holding a thought, privacy while using the restroom; let alone, one's hobbies, dreams or aspirations of greatness. This pausing of oneself does not happen for a few weeks or months even, it is YEARS. The truth is that many dads don’t end up sacrificing their weekend mountain biking or golfing or Thursday night pick up game with the guys. This is all ok and, in fact, normal and natural. I wouldn't give up being a mother even if it meant not ever having a period ever again. What’s not o.k. is if we, as mothers, completely lose ourselves all together in motherhood…never to find ourselves again. Whether you paused yourself not putting to use your $100,000 higher education, or that leadership position at work, or that book that you've been writing in your head, or the missionary work in Africa to raise your family, it's never too late. It's never too late to do good. It's never too late to get to know yourself all over

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