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This DIY confetti bowl craft is a super fun craft for kids. It makes a really great gift from a child as well. Let me start by saying that this is a very messy craft and it has to dry overnight twice, so you should set it up out of the way on a table with a plastic table cloth. Don't set it up on your dining room table like we did! We were without a dining table for three days.


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Step 1:

Like I mentioned above, find an appropriate location to set up. Definitely have a plastic table cloth that you are going to roll everything up in at the end and throw away. Blow up your balloon and stand it up in a small preferably disposable bowl (although we were able to wash the glue off of our bowls after).

Step 2:

The first time we did this, we poured glue over the balloon and then dropped the confetti on top of the glue. I would recommend being a little more deliberate and painting the glue on and then placing the confetti pieces on. Make sure you pay attention to how deep you want your bowl. I think if I did this craft again, I would actually take a sharpie and mark a circle around the balloon so I could keep track of where to put the confetti dots up to.

Step 3:

Once you have placed all of your confetti for the first layer, then you repeat. Paint over the confetti you already placed with another layer of glue and place more confetti dots.

Step 4:

Once you have done enough layers, then paint a thick coat of glue on the outside and let it dry for 2 days. I would recommend at least 4 layers for your bowl to have some stability.


Step 5:

Now the fun part…peel your balloon from the bowl and pop it! After you pop your balloon, cut around the edge of the bowl to remove the top portion of the balloon as you can see below.

I actually think they look kind of cool with the balloon still inside them, but we didn't chose appropriate colors to match the confetti. 🙂

Step 6:

Peel the balloon out of the bowl. There may be pieces around the edges that you will have to cut out. That's it. Now you have a beautiful bowl that you created to keep jewelry or keepsakes in.


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