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I'm obsessed with acrylic pour painting right now. I've been watching them on YouTube and Pinterest. To use my kid's words, it's SOOO SATISFYING! It’s one of those things that is so simple in its execution but yields such complex beauty. I just think there's something magical to them. We had so much fun the first time, that we bought the other two pre-mixed color schemes a few weeks after we did this post.

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First, chose your Color Pour Kit. There are many different color schemes and I didn't want to limit anyone to a certain color scheme.

There are also many accessories to these pouring kits including glitter kits, gold accents, pigment powder mix-ins and tools:

Step 1:

I will explain the process we chose to use, but really there are no rules with this product. We laid out the tablecloth, our canvases and the cups. They both had 4 cups for the 4 paint colors. We started by putting about half the bottle of each color in its own separate cup.

Step 2:

Then we poured a small amount of the other 3 colors into the cups. Do not stir or mix the colors together.

Step 3:

Then you pour the cups of paint onto the canvas and the simple beauty of this process is revealed.

Step 4:

Once you have poured all your paint onto the canvas, then you tilt the canvas to one side until the paint reaches the edge of the canvas making sure that the paint has covered every inch of the canvas.

Step 5:

We used the cups to hold the canvases up off the table while they dried.

You end up with a beautiful contemporary painting that looks like you bought it from a gallery. We ended up hanging the kid’s paintings in the living room. 🙂

For a bonus, check out the Color Pour videos on YouTube. Watching the colors dance across the canvases is “SO SATISFYING!”

Please leave your comments and especially your photos of your Color Pour projects below to share.

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