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Brea Reese Watercolor Resist Panel

This is a pretty quick little project that yields great results.


Step 1: Get your resist panels at Target

The resist panels that we chose were the single canvas, but she also has watercolor resist pads with 20-30 pages of a multitude of designs. We got ours at Target. I haven’t seen them yet on Amazon, but there are many online stores that sell them. My daughter chose the butterfly and my son chose the feathers.

Step 2: Choose the colors

I had the kids chose three colors in a color progression. We mixed up the colors on the palette making sure that we had enough paint to finish the painting.

Step 3: Paint a gradient from light to dark

If you are trying to get an ombre effect, I would use a large wide brush. Start with the lightest color to the darkest color. You might want to mark equal spacing for younger kids to aide them in keeping the spacing of the three colors equal.

If you are trying to get an ombre effect, I would use a large wide brush

Start with the lightest color and go to the darkest color

Step 4: Let it dry

When you are done, you get an ombre effect with the image remaining the white color of the canvas. My daughter had to go over hers with another wash after it dried because her colors were too light at first, so be sure you have enough pigment to water when you mix your colors on your palette.

Please leave your comments below about your experiences with Brea Reese Watercolor Resist Panels. We would love to see all your beautiful creations, so be sure and share with us.

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