Wire Hair Wrap

Wire Hair Wrap from Nearly Crafty

Sis had to wear a purple shirt to school a few weeks ago and, somehow, we didn’t have as single piece of purple child’s clothing in the entire house. I’m not even sure how that was possible as most of the time my children dress like they are wearing not just all the colors of the rainbow, but all the colors in the universe, at all times. I guess the 45 shades of yellow we own distracted me from our lack of purple.

I ran into American Apparel and grabbed her a shirt and found a lovely little wire hair wrap for myself, you know, since I was there. For the next few days I wore the wrap every day. It somehow made a topknot bun cuter and made me look like I tried. For the record, I rarely try. I figured that I could totally make a similar hair wrap so I raided my fabric pile and this wire hair wrap was born. It isn’t quite the same because I haven’t quite tracked down the inner wire that AA uses, but it was quick and easy and still works.


  • Wire
  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine (or needle and thread you old school mo’ fo’, you.)
  • Thread
  • Scissors

How To

1. Take your wire and wrap it around your head as you would a circular headband to see how long you need your wrap to be. I, for instance, have the largest head on the planet, so I needed approximately 42 feet of wire. Make sure you leave long enough ends so that you can wrap it around itself a couple of times and also make a cute little rose at the top.

2. Cut your wire at the length you want it.

Wire Hair Wrap from Nearly Crafty

3. Cut your fabric in a long strip that is about 4 inches high by the length of your wire plus two inches. You want it to wrap around the length of the wire, but not have large floppy ends.

Wire Hair Wrap from Nearly Crafty

4. Put the wrong sides of your fabric together and stitch up one short end, the entire long end, and all but 1/2 inch of the second short end.

5. Turn your fabric pouch inside out.

6. Slide the wire in the pouch and stitch the opening closed.

7. Wrap up your melon.

Near Misses

  • My first strip of fabric was 1 inch too short. Cause you know, that happens sometimes.


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