Warm Warmer Disco Shirt

Warm Warmer Disco from www.nearlycrafty.com

Have you all checked out Kelly at Studio DIY? She is pretty much the most adorable crafter out there and she churns out great ideas like Ben & Jerry’s churns out bliss in a paper pint container. A few weeks ago she shared some DIY Graphic Tees and I couldn’t resist making one of my own.

While Kelly had a million current phrases on her shirts, I was at a loss to what to put on my tee. I couldn’t live up to “Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.” Inspiration struck as the Hubs and I were watching Pulp Fiction and I was reminded of what an awesome f’n movie that is. Such good music, such style, and so many great one liners. Since Uma had my heart in that movie (despite the overdose sitch) I decided my shirt should pay homage to her, the movie, and the fact that I’m not 25. I’m knocking on the door of 40 and I’m way more Bruce Willis than Bruno Mars.

Warm. Warmer. Disco. A shirt was born.

Check out the materials and how to over at Studio DIY. I don’t want to steal her quotes or her shirt making glory.

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