The Patchery


I have shared a couple of samples of The Patchery clothes Bubba and Sis have made recently, but this romper Bubba designed might just take top prize.

The Patchery Jumpsuit from Nearly Crafty

First off, it is a freaking jumpsuit. Jump. Suit. We all know this is the greatest piece of clothing ever created because it somehow replicates being naked while simultaneously being wrapped in a warm blanket. It is basically the most magical of all articles of clothing.

Second, Bubba chose this amazing rocket ship fabric for the front and back of the body. It is perfectly childlike and the retro print works for any space loving kid. My favorite part of The Patchery fabric collections is that they are perfectly coordinated so kids really can design the piece themselves and the finished product will look amazing.

Now, the answer to the real question everyone asks when they see this piece: What is the potty situation when your kid is wearing this jumpsuit? My son has worn this several times to school where I am not around to help him. He easily slides in and out of the neck hole and it isn’t stretched out at all. I mean, the neck is naturally more open than that of a basic t-shirt, but it isn’t like a Flashdance off the shoulder sweatshirt or anything.

Don’t forget that if you want to try out The Patchery for yourself, you can use the code NearlyCrafty15 and get 15% off your total order. (Also, as an ambassador I get these clothes for free – just so ya know!)

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