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Parenting is hard.

Recently, Sis and I have been struggling to connect in a functional way. I see in her the desire to be independent and not need her parents at war with the fact she is still only 6 and can’t actually reach the middle shelf in the fridge. I have very vivid memories of those feelings from my childhood and it hurts my heart to see that frustration in her face. She is very “little big” right now and it is tough on all of us.

You guys know that I am a brand ambassador for The Patchery, the kid clothing site that lets you choose your fabrics for the pieces they offer. Bubba and Sis both made hoodies out of different fabric lines and they have gotten a lot of wear. As I was looking at the pics to share with you of Sis in her hoodie, I found this picture and started to cry.

The Patchery

Look at this girl. So sassy. So full of teen angst. So pissed that I wanted to take her picture in the top she designed herself. And yet she is still a 6 year old girl holding on the lovey that she has shared every sleep of her life with.

I don’t have any profound conclusion to this post and the parenting woes we face. Every parent has been through these issues and we will all survive this storm. I guess I’m just thankful (as cheesy as this sounds) that The Patchery gives my “little big” girl a little bit more power in a life where she has to ask for help every time she wants to get a cup of milk from the fridge.

If you want to try out The Patchery for yourself, use the code NearlyCrafty15 and get 15% off your total order. (Also, as an ambassador I get these clothes for free – just so ya know!)

The Patchery


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