Summer Fun

The Patchery from Nearly Crafty

We are in week three of summer vacation and the kids and I are getting into the groove of things. That first week of all hands on deck was rough on all of us. The kids were picking at each other and my patience had not yet built up the thick callus I need to get through the season. There was yelling. There was bickering. There was whining. Lots of all of it.

Halfway into week three things have calmed down. I quickly remembered that the way to keep the whole family happy during the summer months is to keep everyone outside as much as possible. More than two to three hours inside during normal waking hours makes us all unpleasant monsters. We have been doing morning walks, days of city exploration, afternoons in parks, and picnic dinners at the beach. Outside = saved lives and summer fun.

These clothes from The Patchery have been our constant companion on our days and nights outside. The fabric is comfortable and holds up well, factors that lead to less whining and longer playtimes. The kids love to wear them since they designed them. Also, the bright colors and unique prints make it easy for me to pick out my kids from the throngs of pink and blue dressed littles running about the playground. That allows me to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in peace without having to get up and actually look for my kids in the herd.

Remember to use the code NearlyCrafty15 at checkout to get 15% off your total order at The Patchery! When you order, know that I am an ambassador for The Patchery which means I got these clothes for free. Also know that is no way affects how I feel about these pieces. I currently have about 4 more items in my Patchery shopping cart that I am paying full value for. This stuff is good.




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