Sidewalk Chalk Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk from

Easter is almost here so it is time to start sorting out what exactly Bubba and Sis are going to get in their baskets this year. I try to minimize the candy and crap that comes into our home this time of year so their baskets usually consist of one book, two activity type games, and a small bit of candy.

What books are they getting? Sis is getting Who Says Women Can’t Be Doctors? The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell. I have the only 5 year old in the country who is obsessed with Elizabeth Blackwell. Bubba is getting An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton. I saw Dallas speak in January and he made my heart explode with love and inspiration. (Side note – both books are in that little Amazon shop on my sidebar. It is an affiliate link so if you buy them through there I do get a small commission.)

What activity/games are they getting? Sis is getting a Sculpey Eraser Clay Kit because that is what I want this year and I’m hoping she lets me play with it. Bubba is getting a Melissa and Doug Dinosaur Puzzle Box. He is in a major puzzle phase and has every vehicle puzzle out there. Time to move on to dinosaurs to keep this quiet play activity in the rotation. (These toys are also in that Amazon box in the sidebar.)

The other activity/game they are getting are these sidewalk chalk Easter eggs we made together. Nothing like turning a kid craft into a kid gift which is then used for a quiet kid activity. That might be the crafting parent trifecta. I should win an award for this one. I guess quiet play is my reward.


  • Plaster of Paris – I got ours at Michaels. It is pretty cheap. I think my bucket was only $6 and makes a veritable crap ton of chalk
  • Water
  • Measuring cup – You can use 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup depending on how much chalk you want to make
  • Tempera Paint
  • Disposable cup
  • Disposable spoon
  • Mold – I used a super cute Easter egg mold made by Jello. It was only $1.5o at our grocery store.
  • Cooking spray – If you use a silicone mold you won’t need this.

How To

1. Mix equal parts plaster of paris and water in your disposable cup and stir with your disposable spoon. After some trial and error I ended up using 1/2 cup of each to yield 7 eggs.

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk from

2. Add paint directly to the mix. There is no measuring here – just dump it in until you get the color you want.

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk from

3. Spray the egg mold with a coating of cooking spray.

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk from

4. Dollop your mixture into each egg mold.

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk from

5. Let the chalk dry for at least two hours. There is no harm in going longer, but the bare minimum should be two hours.

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk from

6. Flip your chalk out of the mold and enjoy!

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk from

Near Misses

  • I tried this one time without the cooking spray and the chalk had to be totally scraped out of the molds. It was not a good scene. Use the spray.
  • I tried using the plaster directions which say 2 parts plaster to one part water. That didn’t work either. Screw them and their rules – go 1:1.
  • I tried mixing the paint with water first and then adding that colored water to the plaster in the 1:1 ratio. It didn’t make any difference and was just an extra step, so skip it.

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