The Patchery from Nearly Crafty

Sibling relationships are such a mystery to parents. You have one kid and are all, “Cool. We like this one.” You then decide to have a second or third or fourth or whatever number is your cap and you are faced with not just another personality in your life, but a whole new relationship between the muplitple humans you made. Of course the books give you tips on ways to encourage these littles so they develop a strong relationship, but so much depends on personality that the books might as well just shut the hell up.

My two monkeys have what I consider a normal sibling relationship. They ignore each other 15% of the time, play together 45% of the time, and fight like the only satisfactory outcome is death the remaining 40% of the time. Sound about right?

Our last Patchery order development process encapsulated my kids’ relationship perfectly. It started with me siting down with Bubba to create a shirt. Sis ignored us and went on with her own Magnatile play time. About 10 minutes into it, Sis sat next to us and started offering unsolicited input on what the shirt should look like. Bubba became very offended and a shouting match began. I simmered the two beasts down, but they were soon at it again. Guh. Why?! After two or three rounds of fighting, Sis said something funny and the two were best friends again, working together to build a shirt that satisfied all parties involved. Ignore, fight, adore, repeat.

When the shirt arrived in the mail I opened the package and cried. The tears did not come from a bad place, but from the gut punch that comes when you are blindsided by the sentimentality of a random object. When I opened the box and peeled away the tissue paper I saw not just a shirt, but the relationship between the two beings I love more than anything else. It is a little bit quirky, a lot crazy, took a lot of fighting and loving to create, and is perfectly unique. It is just like them.

Thank you, Patchery, for preserving this memory and this relationship in a keepsake I will cherish long after my kids are too big to wear it.

(And thank you for providing these wearable memories to my family free of charge.)

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