Printable Holiday Gift Tags

A couple of weeks ago I was a part of a Gap and Darby Smart online contest to create a black and white gift tag. The top five selections get to be part of the Gap holiday gift wrap options at stores across the country. I promised all of my Facebook followers (which you should be one of – hint, hint) that if I was selected I would post a sheet of free, printable gift tags here on the blog.

Well…I won! I am crazy excited to say that my black and white “JOY” tag will be in Gap stores this holiday season! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it!

And, as promised, here are some printable holiday gift tags for all your gifting needs. They are snarky, but they wouldn’t be my style if they weren’t! (And before you get all grammery on me, I totally know there is a missing apostrophe. The font I was using didn’t include that as an option. I was going to leave the tag out altogether, but then I found some late-night giddy joy in misspelling the tag about a book.)

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

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