Photo Bookmarks


The photo bookmarks are oldie but a goodie. It combines a classic craft with the classic mom move of forcing your kid to pose for a photo they want nothing to do with. Nothing gets you closer to the Mom of the Year award than yelling at your small children until they cooperate with your “really fun and nice craft project that if they just did what I said we would be done by now and you would be off playing with your toys but maybe you don’t need toys if you can’t even do this simple thing for your mother.” Like I said, they are a classic.


  • Photo of your kid with their arms up
  • Laminator/plastic sheet
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Embroidery floss
  • Cardboard or cardstock about 3 inches long/tall

How To

Make Photo Portion

1. Force your child to take a photo with their arms up. Exposed belly is a bonus.

2. Print the picture so that it is about 5 inches from top to bottom. Cut out photo.

3. Insert photo into laminator and laminate it. (Or take it to be laminated at print shop.)

4. Cut out around the photo again, but leave about 1/4 inch of the laminated plastic in tact so it stays sealed.

5. Using a hole punch, put a hole in the area of the picture near their hands.

tassle hole

Make Tassel

1. Line end of embroidery floss up with end of cardboard.

line floss up

2. Wrap floss around cardboard about 12 times and cut end. The more you wrap, the thicker your tassel will be. Make sure you cut the floss on the same side of the cardboard you started on.

wrap floss 12 times

3. Slide scissors between floss and cardboard and cut all the floss. Again, make sure you do this on the side with the cut ends.

cut floss

4. Cut a piece of floss about 10-12 inches long and tie the ends in a knot.

floss loop

5. Slip that loop over the 12 strand tassel, making sure the knot is hidden in the folded floss.

loop in tassel

hidden knot

6. Cut a piece of floss about 7-8 inches long and slide it under the tassel floss.

floss under tassel

7. Knot the newest piece of floss around the tassel floss, making sure that the loop knot is on the open end of the tassel from your new knot.

new knot

8. Wrap the tail of the newest floss around the tassel 5-6 times and knot it off.

knot off new piece

9. Trim the end of the tassel so that all pieces are the same length.

final tassel

Make Final Bookmark

1. Insert tassel into hole on bookmark from the front side.

insert tassel

2. Put the tassel through the loop and pull tight. Ta-da!!


Near Misses

  • This one wasn’t that bad. I did have some sizing issues where I made the photo WAY too tall. I was so hypnotized by my kids’ belly buttons that I wasn’t thinking.









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