Minted “Beep Beep” Birthday Party

My children are as different as night and day. Sis is a fighter. She is extremely focused and knows exactly what she wants at all times. She is hilarious and intense and amazing. Bubba is laid back and eternally optimistic. He is all smiles and sharing and feelings.

When we planned Sis’s 3rd birthday party it went a little something like this:

Sis (the day after she turned 2): “I want my next birthday party to be a chick party.”
Me: “What was that, you say?”
Sis: “I want my next birthday party to be a chick party.”
Me: “That sounds inappropriate.”
Sis: “I want my next birthday party to be a chick party.”
Me (not wanting to deal with the internet search results that would come from ‘chick party’): “How about a farm party? We can have chicks, but also other farm animals as well?”
Sis: “Fine. I want chicks.”

For the next year, Sis talked about her chick party. She never wavered. She never questioned her choice. At 2, she demonstrated the kind of resolute thinking rarely seen in hardened adults.

This is how it went down with Bubba:

Me (6 weeks before Bubba turned 3): “What kind of birthday party do you want? Trucks?”
Bubba: “Yes.”
Me: “You sure? What about airplanes?”
Bubba: “Yes.”
Me: “Trucks or airplanes? Which one?”
Bubba: “Yes.”
Me: “Ok. Let’s try race cars. Want a race car party?”
Bubba: “Yes.”

You get the idea. Bubba’s easy going personality did not help me the tiniest bit when it came to planning for his party a few weeks ago. I’m not good enough to plan a “Dinosaur Rocketship Circus on Safari” party. I need more focus.

We used Minted for our holiday cards last winter and I was really pleased with their quality and options. So pleased, in fact, that when I met with them at Alt Summit in January, I couldn’t help but gush about how they had the only style and phrasing of cards that worked with our family photo. They were gracious and receptive to helping me out if I ever needed anything. Needing a party theme, I reached out to them regarding my laid back boy and they suggested their “Beep Beep” party theme. It has firetrucks, pickup trucks, race cars, regular cars, delivery trucks, and ambulances. The perfect theme for a boy with no opinions!

Minted Been Beep Birthday Party from Nearly Crafty

After getting the invitations in the mail, I started to work on party prep. We had Bubba’s party at a small gymnastics center and were told we would only have about 10-15 minutes to set up. That meant any decor we had needed to go up quickly and the entire party had to fit in the back of the car. Eeek!

Using the images from the “Beep Beep” theme, I crafted some larger vehicles out of cereal boxes and paint. These went up with tape on the large mirror that covered the length of the party room.

On the same mirrored wall, I put up a Minted “Beep Beep” customized banner. It filled up the space in no time and created a focal point on the wall.

Minted Been Beep Birthday Party from Nearly Crafty

I found small initial canvases at Michaels and turned them into little roads with markers. Ever kid had their initial at their place setting.

Speaking of place settings, I bought squares of scrapbook paper in the party colors and turned them into little roads by gluing on some white road lines. This really brought the table to life and added a ton of color to the room.

Minted Been Beep Birthday Party from Nearly Crafty

For party favors, I found this amazing site that makes custom puzzles. I plopped Bubba down on a piece of foam board and threw the painted vehicles and initials around his head. I used that photo as the puzzle image. Cute, right?

Minted Beep Beep Birthday Party from Nearly Crafty

I packaged the favors in muslin bags that I stamped with an “S” (Bubba’s real initial) and tagged with a thank you card from Minted. Adorbs.

Minted "Beep Beep" Party from Nearly Crafty

I can’t NOT hand out candy at a birthday party, so I grabbed some Jelly Belly Soda Pop jelly bean mix because it matched the party colors perfectly. I threw some of those in a brown bag and closed it up with a Minted sticker. Easy peasey!

Minted "Beep Beep" Party from Nearly Crafty

For food, we ordered pizza because the party happened around dinner time. I made pesto and pea pasta salad with wheel shaped noodles. We are still eating the leftovers of that! There were spare tires (chocolate covered donuts) and two kinds of stoplights (fruit and chocolate covered pretzels.) I found some truck gummy candies on Amazon – Sis ate so many she got sick so I can confirm they taste good going down.

Minted Been Beep Birthday Party from Nearly Crafty

I made everyone their own cake and kept them really simple. Everyone got either chocolate or yellow cake, white frosting, and a fondant vehicle that matched the Minted theme. It sounds crazy to make all those cakes, but it only took one chocolate sheet cake and one yellow sheet cake. That is about 10x less cake than I normally make for a party. I used a large round cookie cutter to cut the circles out of the sheet cakes and every individual cake was 2 layers. I made Bubba’s cake 4 layers just for fun.

Minted Been Beep Birthday Party from Nearly Crafty

The party was super easy thanks to the gym, the planning, and Minted! And Bubba did finally decide that he wanted his party to be a firetruck party… about a week after the party happened.

**Minted was kind enough to provide me all the materials for this party for free. All the opinions are my own. You know I wouldn’t lie to you.**

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