Makers Kit Dinosaur Greenhouse

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Last week I told you all about Bubba’s Dinosaur Birthday Party and about how much I freakin’ love giving away good party favors. I held back info on the second part of our favors because it felt like it needed a post of its very own and here we are!

I went to Alt Summit at the beginning of the year and went to a delicious dinner hosted by the folks at Makers Kit. During the course of dinner we got to chatting about life and kids and Bubba’s love for dinosaurs came up, which manages to happen more than you would guess. The team offered to send over some of their National Geographic Makers Kit Dinosaur Greenhouse DIY kits so that all the littles at Bubba’s party could get their hands dirty and have some fun!

These kits were a hit! The plastic terrarium jar holds all the materials you need to make a dino greenhouse making it a perfect one package party favor. Also, plastic = won’t smash into 1,000 pieces when dropped = win. The kit includes vermeculite, soil pellets, moss, beans, and three plastic dinosaurs. Both Sis and Bubba made a kit and within a few days the beans were sprouting. Sis only planted 4-5 beans, while Bubba planted every single one. Both methods worked! We actually recently transferred Bubba’s plant to our raised bed outside because that thing is growing like mad!

I love any party favor that gives families a meaningful way to interact after the party is over. I don’t count screaming at a kid to pick up the 14 pieces of plastic randomness from a party gift bag that they have strewn all over the house as a meaningful interaction. This Dinosaur Greenhouse fit the bill.

As a special little treat, I am giving away a $50 gift card to Makers Kit! All you have to do to enter is sign up to get my newsletter and follow Nearly Crafty and Makers Kit on Instagram. BAM – entered in no time! Let me know in the comments that you have joined the party and you might find yourself $50 richer!

Makers Kit Dinosaur Greenhouse

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