Little Blue Truck Birthday Invitation

Little Blue Truck Invitation Printable from

I mentioned in my Gearing Up For A Birthday Party post that I have been designing the kids’ birthday invitations for the last couple of years. It really is simple, but I get that most people are just not going to attempt it. As a little gift, I am giving you this free printable image of my Little Blue Truck birthday invitation so that you can make your own invites.

So, how do you use this printable? You will have to do a little bit of work with this if you want to print your own details directly on the invitation. If you want to hand write the invitation details, just print the image and get to writing!

1. Save the printable image below to your desktop.

2. Open a new, blank document in your word processing program.

3. Go to Insert and insert the picture of the invitation into the document.

4. Resize the image to whatever size you want.

5. Insert a text box.

6. There is a setting called Wrap Text called In Front Of Text that allows you to put the text box in front of the photo. Click on that and put the text box on top of the photo.

7. Move and size your text box to create enough room for your party details.

8. Fill your text box with the party details. The font I used is called P.T. Barnum. You can learn how to download that font here.

9. Save and print the invite!

Little Blue Truck Invitation Printable from

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