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lego cufflink

I almost started this post with “need a last minute gift for the man in your life?” but as soon as I typed it I realized all my gifts for the man in my life seem to be last minute. Poor husband. It isn’t that I don’t like making things for him or that he doesn’t appreciate hand crafted treats. It just seems that a lot of the crafts you can make for a man are really, really easy to do. Take advantage of that and get to crafting dude gifts!

The husband is on the nerdy side of the spectrum. At first glance you wouldn’t guess it, but underneath that cool exterior is an engineering brained, computer building, tech loving nerd. I saw¬†these Lego cuff links in a few stores on Etsy, and figured I should try my hand at making them. They seemed like a nice subtle tribute to all things nerd that didn’t totally crap all over design aesthetics. Once you have the supplies, the Lego cuff links literally take 1 minute to make and my husband loved them.


  • Cuff Link Blanks – The blanks I used are in my little amazon store on the right sidebar.
  • Legos – I went to my local Lego store where they sell singles and they actually gave me a few for free. If you don’t have a store near you, sells singles online. Or just steal them from a kid. That works too.


  • Glue – I used contact cement, but super glue or epoxy will work well too.

How To

1. The one and only step. Glue lego to cuff link blank. Simple as that.

lego glue

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