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I tend to craft in bursts, both in crafting methods and in actual projects. About once a week the family hits that sweet spot where the kids are playing together well for upwards of an hour and I can get a few projects going. After that hour, the kids are screaming and fighting and I can get another 30 minutes of crafting time in just by scolding and threatening them. After that, they require actual physical separation and my craft time is over.

As for the bursts in methods, I get super obsessed with some form of crafting for about a month at a time and it is all I think about. I recently got really into sewing clothes. Like, really into it. I found this site, Indie Sew, and I started crushing hard on a bunch of their patterns. You just buy the patterns online, print them out, tape the papers together, cut out the patterns, then move on to the fabric. Those giant books of patterns at the fabric store always scare the crap out of me so this seemed like as safer way to start.

After I got the patterns, I headed to Drygoods Design in Pioneer Square for fabric. Every textile in this well curated shop is totally delicious and the staff is super knowledgeable. Love it long time.

Here are the patterns I chose and the final products!

Lou Box Top

Indie Sew Lou Box Top from Nearly Crafty

This shirt pattern came with the option to make the back of the top longer than the front. Given I spend most of my days bending/lifting/crouching/crawling/etc. I figured the added length was a good idea to cover up any accidental butt crack exposure that might happen.

This top is pretty adorable. It is easy to wear and the boxy shape keeps it from being all tight and clingy.

Ella Top & Harem Pants

Indie Sew Ella Tank and Harem Pants from Nearly Crafty

The Harem Pants come with a lot of pattern options – various pockets, ankle tabs, drawstring waistbands, etc. I added the tab front ankle, but I’m not ready to tackle pockets just yet. As for the top, it was a super easy tank to make. The back has a dart that I didn’t like at first, but have come to love.


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