Guitar Pick Earrings

Guitar Pick Earrings from Nearly Crafty

Sis has been playing the guitar for over a year. The whole thing is 99% adorable. The remaining 1% is a mix of frustration/annoyance since she doesn’t like to play for me and I have to beg demand strongly request that she play just a few chords in order to hear anything from her. Damn, kid! Just play some Bob Marley for me so we can all get on with our day!

When I saw these unfinished wood guitar picks I knew they were going to make great earrings. I like to wear any jewelry that reminds me of my family in a private joke kinda way. Guitar pick earrings? Remind me of Sis. Unicorn necklace? Reminds me of the Husband since the first book he ever bought with his own money was Sarah’s Unicorn. Sea glass ring? Reminds me of a family trip to the Oregon Coast. You get the idea.


  • Unfinished wood guitar picks
  • White gel pen
  • Pinch bail – 2
  • Earring hooks
  • Needle nose pliers

How To

1. Get your gel pen rolling and doodle away on one side of the guitar pick. Don’t press too hard because you don’t want the pen to actually dig into the pick.

Guitar Pick Earrings from Nearly Crafty

Guitar Pick Earrings from Nearly Crafty

2. Once the ink appears to be dry, crimp the pinch bail on the pointy end of the pick. This can take some work to get it lined up just right.

Guitar Pick Earrings from Nearly Crafty

3. Open the loop of your earring hook with the pliers and slide the pick onto the loop.

4. Close it up and rock on with your new rock and roll earrings!

Guitar Pick Earrings from Nearly Crafty

Near Misses

  • I said it before and I’ll say it again, getting the pinch bail crimped on the pick is a bit of a challenge. Grabbing it with the thickest part of the pliers seemed to help.

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