Gold Dipped Vacation Shells

Gold Dipped Vacation Shells from Nearly Crafty

Spring break is upon us and summer vacations are just around the corner. For lots of families that means a beach trip is on the horizon and before you can say “SPF 50” your littles will be schleping home pockets full of shells. What to do with all those little treasures from the sea?

We keep a glass vase in our bathroom that has shells from all our trips in it. As the vase is getting full, it is looking fairly bland. Seashells seem to be fairly muted in color. When we brought back shells from our Costa Rica trip, I wanted to fancify them a bit before adding them to the pile. I did what any good crafter would do – dip them in gold leaf paint!


  • Seashells
  • Gold leaf paint
  • Clothespin or some sort of clamp
  • Coffee cup/glass
  • Paper towels

How To

1. Shake the jar of gold leaf paint well.

2. Rest the glass upside down on top of the paper towel.

3. Hold your shell with the clothespin or clamp and dip it straight down into the paint.

4. Pull the shell straight out and let the excess drip back into the container.

5. Rest the pin across the bottom of the glass so that it can hang dry without anything touching it. Make sure the paper towel is under it to catch drips.

6. Repeat with all the shells in the land!

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