Glass Winged Butterfly Earrings

Glass Winged Butterfly Earring from Nearly Crafty

On our recent family vacation to Costa Rica, we stopped in an insect zoo and the kids had an amazing time. They learned lots of information they are now repeating to everyone they meet. Some of the facts they share at the loudest volume include:

  • the hilarious fact that tarantulas don’t bite people, they actually throw their butt hair at them which sticks in the skin and irritates it.
  • there are beetles that can be eaten by a bird, passed through their digestive system, be pooped out, and will still live.
  • there are wasps that paralyze tarantulas with poison, drag them back to their burrow, lay their eggs on the spider, then watch as their wasp babies are born and feast on the poor tarantula, eating it alive.

All fascinating. All horrible. All being blurted out in unintelligible 3 year old English to anyone who asks how the trip was. Want to know what it is like to have “butt hair” screamed in your face? Just come over and talk to Bubba.

One insect we saw at the zoo that was not attached to a foul story was the glass winged butterfly. Portions of their wings are transparent which makes them stunningly beautiful and very hard to spot. As I was thinking about ways to work a bit of Costa Rica into my crafting, these little creepers were my first thought. Enjoy some glass winged butterfly earrings!


  • Shrinky Dinks – Inkjet printable sheets – Yeah. You read that right. Shrinky f’n dinks.
  • Printer
  • Computer
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Oven
  • Parchment paper
  • Needle nose pliers
  •  Jump ring – 4
  • Earring hooks – 2

How To

1. Open this printable and print out the document onto a piece of Shrinky Dink paper. Make sure your paper is safe for an inkjet printer.

2. Cut out the two wings. You want to stay fairly close to the edge of the image because you can’t trim away excess easily after they are baked.

3. With a regular sized hole punch, punch one hole in the top of each wing.

4. Place the wings on parchment paper lined pan and place another piece of parchment paper on top of them. Bake per the instructions on the package.

5. Once the wings are shrunken and cooled, remove them from the pan.

6. Open a jump ring and slide one wing on an close the ring.

7. Open a second jump ring and slide the first jump ring and the earring hook on. Close the ring.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 with the second earring.

Glass Winged Butterfly Earring from Nearly Crafty

Near Misses

Don’t freak out while watching the Shrinky Dinks bake. It will look like a full on disaster is happening, but it will all sort itself out in the end. Just leave them in the oven until they are done flopping about. Yes, they flop.


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