Family Photo Chalkboard


I don’t know a 4 year old in the world who doesn’t draw the most amazing pictures. It is the age where you can recognize what they are drawing but they do everything in stick-figure format. There is something so modern and clean about a line drawing and when you combine that with a child’s perspective it is pure perfection.

I wanted to give Sis a platform for her stick drawings, so I decided to make her a chalkboard. Not just any chalkboard mind you, because that would be the lamest DIY ever. “I painted wood with chalkboard paint.” People don’t frequent a blog that talks about lame stuff like that. I wanted to make her a chalkboard with real photos of our family on it so she could draw funny bodies/hair/whatever on us. Drawing a cat body on your dad’s face? That is comic genius to the preschool sect. Trust me.

Presenting…the family photo chalkboard.


  • Piece of wood
  • Photo of the face of each family member. You want the face to be straight on and clear.
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Painters tape
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Wood paint

How To

1. Sand down your piece of wood so it is nice and smooth.

2. Cut out each face photo in a circle.

3. Cut out a piece of painters tape that is the same size as the face photo. You might have to stick some pieces together before cutting out the circle to make it large enough to cover the photo.

4. Coat the back of each face photo with mod podge and place them on the wood. You want there to be room below each face to draw a body, so space them out.

faces on wood

5. Cover each face with a few layers of mod podge, letting the layers dry in between.

mod podge faces

6. Once the final coat of mod podge is dry, cover the faces with the painters tape circles.

tape over faces

7. Prime the wood.

8. Paint the wood with 2-3 layers of chalkboard paint. Let dry.

9. Peel off the painters tape from the top of the faces and touch up any gross spots.

10. Once the touch up areas are dry, paint the rest of the board with a fun color. I painted the edges orange and then used the chalkboard paint for the entire back of the board.

contrasting edge

final photo chalkboard

Near Misses

  • Don’t drop a quart of chalkboard paint in your kitchen all over your fridge, wood floors, and walls. Just don’t. And REALLY don’t do it the day before Thanksgiving when your family is in town and you are hosting dinner.


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