Easter Mason Jars

Easter Mason Jars from Nearly Crafty

Easter season is upon us. I am never more reminded of this fact than when I enter the grocery store and have to will myself not to eat all the Cadbury eggs, foil included. How is something so disgusting so delicious? What the F is even in those things?

This year for Easter basket treats I am going simple. Each kid gets one kind of candy and one toy. Done and done. To make this simplified plan more appealing to the littles I whipped up these Easter mason jars to hold their candy. Sis hates chocolate so she gets jelly beans while Bubba gets M&Ms. I think some adorable little jars will distract them from the lack of candy diversity.


  • Mason jar
  • Scissors
  • Contact paper
  • Frosted etching paint – I didn’t use the paint that actually etches. This is just paint that has a frosted finish.
  • Foam brush
  • Fine point paint brush
  • Paint – pink, black, orange

How To

1. Make sure your mason jar is clean and dry.

2. Cut out a circle from contact paper.

3. Peel the back off the contact paper and stick it to the center of a flat spot on the face of the jar.

Easter Mason Jars from Nearly Crafty

4. Using the foam brush, paint a thin layer of etching paint onto the jar. Try to keep your strokes continuous from top to bottom so the finished jar looks nice. Let the paint dry.

Easter Mason Jars from Nearly Crafty

5. Paint on a second coat of etching paint and let dry.

Easter Mason Jars from Nearly Crafty

6. Peel off the contact paper, revealing a clear circle.

Easter Mason Jars from Nearly Crafty

7. For the chick jar, paint two black eyes and one orange beak in the center of your clear circle. For the bunny jar, paint on two black eyes, one pink nose, and some whiskers.

Easter Mason Jars from Nearly Crafty

Easter Mason Jars from Nearly Crafty


  • I used my circle hole punch to create the contact paper circle.
  • I ate all the leftover M&Ms and jelly beans that didn’t fit into the jars. Mom privileges.


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