Druzy Chain Bracelet

Druzy Chain Bracelet from www.nearlycrafty.com

A couple of weeks ago I headed toย the nearby jewelry store to grab some jump rings. This store doesn’t have a great selection and their prices are too high, but it is close to our house and I was buying such a basic item that the overcharge amount was cheaper than the cost of gas to go elsewhere.ย So, I paid for 4 minutes worth of parking, threw a shoeless Bubba on my hip (why do they always take their shoes off in the car?) and literally ran into the shop. I was at the register with my jump rings in no time when the register effect happened.

You know the register effect. When you were little it took the form of longing for the brightly colored sugar coasted candy that was at eye level in the grocery store checkout. In your 20’s it manifested itself when you grabbed a copy of every single magazine at the register as you bought your daily weekly bottle of wine. At my age you usually see the register effect take the form of buying every lip product offered because the kids will just want the candy and you haven’t read a magazine since you were in the waiting room of the hospital where you gave birth.

At this jewelry store the register effect resulted in me buying this beautiful druzy stone. It had eye loops in either end and was coated in silver around all sides. How could I pass it up?! It was impossible so I bought it and made this Druzy Chain Bracelet.


  • Druzy stone – You will need one that has eye loops attached to either side. If you can’t find one and are feeling brave, try just drilling the eye loops in yourself.
  • Chunky silver chain – 12 inches
  • Metal clippers – I used our wire cutter for this part.
  • 2 pair of needle nose pliers
  • 3 large jump rings
  • Large silver clasp

How To

1. Using your needle nose pliers, open one jump ring and attach it to the side loop on your stone.

2. Slide one end of your chain into the same jump ring and close it.

3. Place the druzy in the center of your wrist and start to wrap the chain around your wrist. Pick a link that is in the center of the bottom side of your wrist and cut away that link with your metal clippers. For me that left the length of chain attached to the druzy at 3 inches.

4. Open a second jump ring and slide one end of the long piece of chain in the ring.

Druzy Chain Bracelet from www.nearlycrafty.com

5. Attach the jump ring with the chain to the open side loop on the stone.

6. Open the third jump ring and attach it to the clasp.

7. Attach the jump ring with the clasp to the open end of the short piece of chain.

Druzy Chain Bracelet from www.nearlycrafty.com

8. Wear your bracelet! To secure it, just pick a chain link and hook the clasp to that link. If you are keeping the bracelet for yourself you can trim off the extra links. If you are giving this to someone else, leave all the links together so your gift recipient can custom fit it to their size. I left the extra links on mine because I liked have that little extra bit of chain hang loose.

Near Misses

  • The first time I made this I cut the chain right in half before I realized that would put the clasp at the front of the bracelet. Whoops. Back to the jewelry store for me…


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