DIY Paper Wreath

DIY Paper Wreath from Nearly Crafty

After finishing our giant advent calendar tree last week, I was left with a pile of paper bag tops from those I cut apart. I try not to feed my hoarded tendencies by saving trash for “projects,” but I gave myself a week to use them before they went to recycling. I mean, they were perfectly good paper scraps after all. (I can hear the intervention dumpster team pulling up out front right now.)

Six days into my one week allowance, I started cutting the paper bag tops into simple paper leaves. I followed up with my white gel pen to make the world’s least expensive wreath that looks like it is expensive.


  • Wreath frame. Let’s chat on this one for a sec. I used a wood wreath frame that I had previously decorated with yarn before I decided it was ugly. You can use pretty much any wreath base you want. If you don’t have one, just cut out a wreath shape from cardboard.

    DIY Paper Wreath from Nearly Crafty
    What was I thinking? This is NOT cute. Let’s cover it up!
  • Paper bag tops
  • Scissors
  • White gel pen
  • Double sided tape

How To

1. Cut out two sizes of leaf shapes from your bag tops. One large and one small. Make a ton of both sizes.

2. Trace the edges of each leaf with the white gel pen.

DIY Paper Wreath from Nearly Crafty

3. Put a piece of double sided tape on the back base of a leaf and stick it to your wreath base.

4. Repeat the taping/sticking process all the way around the leaf. When you get to the end just tuck the last leaves under the tops of the leaves that are already there.

DIY Paper Wreath from Nearly Crafty

5. Sit back and be as proud as hell about your amazing wreath. Tell people about it. Invite them over to look at it. Drink coffee and just stare at it. Because that is a great freakin’ wreath.

DIY Paper Wreath from Nearly Crafty




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