Design Love Fest DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Design Love Fest DIY Toilet Paper Holder from Nearly Crafty

A couple of months ago one of my regular blog stalking faves, Design Love Fest, posted a DIY toilet paper holder post. Inspired by their favorite hotels, they decided to create some upgrades to one of the most dullsville parts of a bathroom. I decided to try my hand at this project because our first floor bathroom had the ugliest 80’s brass fixtures and they made me want to barf.

Check out the tutorial for the actual project over at Design Love Fest.

What extra info can I provide you? Well, if you live in an older than old home I might have some tricks to help you out.

Anyone who lives in an old home (ours is 1910) knows that no modern home project happens as easily as the tutorial says it should. Windows are old. Wiring is insane. Even painting shows 8 million lumps that don’t exist on the walls of a newer home. Those lovely all white interiors? They only happen if you aren’t dealing with 100 year old plaster.

With the Design Love Fest DIY Toilet Paper Holder, our crumbly plaster walls meant the whole “just screw in a drawer pull” part of the instructions would have resulted in the entire wall crashing down upon the first person to try to grab a sheet of 2 ply. Not fun. So, if you have old walls, before you add the drawer pull try this first:

  • Get a toggle bolt or a molly bolt anchor. Google it. We used molly bolts for ours.
  • Drill a hole in the wall. It should be a bit smaller than the anchor.
  • Tap the anchor through the wall with a hammer.
  • Follow the anchor directions to open it. A toggle bolt anchor will pop open on its own and you just have to tighten the bolt from there. A molly bolt anchor usually expands as you tighten it.
  • Once your anchor is in place, attach the drawer pull or knob as a normal person would who has the luxury of living in a home with non-crumbly walls.

Design Love Fest DIY Toilet Paper Holder from Nearly Crafty

Near Misses

  • We took down the old toilet paper holder about six weeks before we got around to getting the molly bolts so we could install the new holder. Yep. We were those people that had rolls of toilet paper stacked on the trashcan lid next to the toilet. Such class.
  • When I threaded the rope through the copper pipe to make the roll holder, I actually looped in through twice. This kept the pipe from sliding around and has made it much easier to change out the empty roll.
  • I also used a similar drawer pull to make a towel holder for the bathroom. Ta-da!

Design Love Fest DIY Toilet Paper Holder from Nearly Crafty

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