Customized Notebooks

Customized Notebooks from Nearly Crafty

Over the years we have given a wide variety of holiday gifts to our neighbors. One year it was mini pound cakes with raspberry coulis. That was a delicious year. We have done homemade vanilla extract, various forms of freezer cookies, and a trio of hand painted wooden cooking utensils.

This year our bulk gift inspiration struck as I wandered the aisles of Ikea. They had super simple craft paper notebooks for a whopping $.99 each so I snatched up a stack of them and set to work turning them into something worth giving. The finishing touch, two mechanical pencils with an adorable print, were found in the dollar section of Target. 4 pencils for $1 brings this gift in at under $2 each!

You can make these customized notebooks for pretty much everyone you know without breaking the bank!


  • IKEA notebooks. HereΒ are the adorable little treats!
  • Stencils – Here are the ones I used, except I got mine at Michaels. I didn’t spend $7 on shipping for a $5 item. That is straight crazy.
  • Black Pen
  • White gel pen
  • Mechanical pencils

How To

1. Use your stencil and black pen to trace out a shape on the notebook cover. Mine included “To Do List,” ” Deep Thoughts,” and ” Best Idea Ever.”

2. Color in the words with the white gel pen. I freakin’ love white ink on craft paper.

3. Attach two of the mechanical pencils with ribbon and gift away!

Customized Notebooks from Nearly Crafty

Near Misses

  • I messed up one of mine by trying to print “Deep Thoughts” without testing out the letter spacing. I wouldn’t suggest it. I am now the proud owner of a notebook that says “Deep Thou.” Not quite as

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