Chalkboard Lettering

Chalkboard Lettering from Nearly Crafty

There is something so charming about a well lettered sign. The way the letters and words can work together with small images to create an entire scene is so delightful when done well. I’ve tried this art form using pencils and pens, but my success at creating the right feel has been very limited.

When the folks at Workman Publishing sent me a copy of The Complete Workbook of Chalk Lettering by Valerie McKeehan I was excited to try a new medium, but wasn’t 100% confident I would get great results. I can happily report that, after following the tips in the book (hello – why didn’t I ever think to use cotton swabs before?) working with chalk is 1,000 times easier than trying to hand letter with pen or pencil. Trust me – go chalk.

We had a little crafting party at our house so I used McKeehan’s book to make some signs for our hot cocoa bar. I made one on a little chalkboard stand and the other I made on a small piece of chalkboard foam core. Did you even know they make that?! It is AMAZING for doing chalkboard work because it is 1) cheap and 2) light weight enough to hang pretty much anywhere.


  • Chalkboard
  • Chalk
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Towel
  • Cotton Swab
  • Ruler

How To

1. I practiced my initial design in a notebook until I got a look I liked. I then practiced on the inside cover of the book, which is totally made of chalkboard material – what a great practice space!

Chalkboard Lettering from Nearly Crafty

2. Season your chalkboard by rubbing the side of your chalk all over the board and then erasing it all.

3. I drew guidelines in the corners of my chalkboard to make sure I had even margins and letter lines so that their spacing was even.

Chalkboard Lettering from Nearly Crafty

4. Using a couple of the fonts in the book, I wrote out Hot Cocoa Bar.

Chalkboard Lettering from Nearly Crafty

5. Once the words were done I erased my guidelines, added some snowflakes, and called it a day!

Chalkboard Lettering from Nearly Crafty


I also made a little Baby It’s Cold Outside sign to keep up all winter long!

Chalkboard Lettering from Nearly Crafty

If you are looking for a last minute gift for the crafter in your life, I TOTALLY recommend this book. It has practical tips that will take basic skills to the next level.

Check out what CraftSanity is doing with her chalkboard work here!

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