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Two Hour Drop In Package

Nearly Crafty will come to your office space and lead a two hour drop in crafting workshop for up to 20 employees. Employees can stop in to the workshop whenever they have a break in the day to make a one of a kind craft project. The workshop space can be a conference room, an empty office, break room, or just a table in a central location. The only space that won’t work is a bathroom, because…ew.
This package requires an additional 1 hour of non­-workshop time for setup and cleanup. All materials included.

Three Hour Drop In Package

This package is the same as the two hour package, except that it runs for three hours and can accommodate up to 30 employees. All materials included.

Group Workshop

In this one hour group led workshop, Nearly Crafty will take a group of up to 20 employees through a crafting project from start to finish. The group starts and finishes the project together. This option is great if you are looking for a way to help employees connect while reaping the individual benefits of crafting or if you have a shorter window of time to work with. All materials included.

Craft Options

When you sign up for a Nearly Crafty workshop, you can choose any one of the crafting projects listed below. All are simple and result in a useable finished product.

  • Stamped and Painted Leather Luggage Tags – Employees will hand stamp and decorate leather luggage tags. This is our best selling option as it appeals to all ages and genders. The occasional hammering can be a bit noisy, so this craft is most successful when done in a conference room or office.

Leather Luggage Tag

  • Leather Earbud Case – This is a quick and simple project that is great for open space workshops. It involves cutting out a simple pattern, punching holes in leather, and some light stitching/gluing. It is easily customizable and and works well in small quarters.

Leather Earbud Case

  • Initial String Art – This is a great group workshop project because it creates a very lively atmosphere! It is another craft that involves hammering, so it works well in an office or conference room.

Initial String Art

  • Etched Glass Water Bottle – This water bottle project is our most relaxing option as it involves simple cutting and painting. Employees are left with an eco-friendly glass drinking bottle, encouraging continued healthy choices long after the workshop is over.

Etched Glass Water Bottle

  • Leather Travel Journal Cover – Employees will create a custom leather cover for a travel journal. This is a popular workshop choice because it allows employees to use their final creation for continued reflective and meditative purposes.

Leather Travel Journal Cover


Additional employees can be added to any package for an additional material fee.

Custom Packages Available. Want a team based crafting contest? Want to create a project that can be donated to charity? Want to incorporate a themed crafting station at an event you already have planned? Contact me and we will make your wildest dreams come true!