Beaded Drop Earrings

Beaded Drop Earrings from Nearly Crafty

I am totally in love with these beaded drop earrings. Like CRAZY in love.

Look at them! Use your eyes! They are amazing!

My favorite part is that these little treasures are insanely easy to make. I know I say that every seven seconds, but I can’t help it! I have minimal free time so anything I’m making has to be quick and easy.



  • Brass Dagger Drop Charm – 2
  • Eye Pin – 2
  • Beads – I used turquoise beads. You can make them whatever kind of small seed bead you want.
  • Jump Ring – 2
  • Earring hook – 2
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Scissors

How To

1. Open the jump ring with the needle nose pliers.

2. Slide one dagger drop charm and the loop of the eye pin onto the ring and close it up.

Beaded Drop Earrings from Nearly Crafty

3. Slide beads onto the eye pin until you get an earring length you like.

Beaded Drop Earrings from Nearly Crafty

4. Loop the end of the eye pin around the pliers and trim off the excess. You are basically creating another eye.

5. Open the earring hook with the pliers and slide it into the eye pin. Close it up!

6. Repeat with the second set of materials and you have yourself a great pair of earrings!!

Beaded Drop Earrings from Nearly Crafty

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