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Arm Knit Blanket from

Ha ha ha ha (insert cackle sound and totally dead eye stare here) ha ha ha ha ha! Has anyone else been totally busy and swamped and overwhelmed with holiday madness?!? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I’m f’n losing it. F’n. Losing. It.

I thought that having Thanksgiving a few weeks early would create some magical space in the holiday craziness where I would get shopping done and have time to just absorb the holiday love and family time. I would wear white sweaters I don’t own and drink rich hot chocolate I didn’t make and wander through snow filled streets just smiling and gazing at the stars. Not sure where my children were in my dream or where this snow was coming from as Seattle proper doesn’t get much of the white stuff, but whatever. It was my dream, damn it.

My dream did not become a reality. I got shopping done early – great – but it turns out the rest of the holiday craziness can’t be planned away. Santa isn’t chillin’ in his little makeshift shack early. The Nutcracker doesn’t put on a pre-Thanksgiving performance. December still happens in December. So much for my plan.

What does any of this have to do with this arm knit blanket you ask? This: I have been busy and this is the least original craft I have ever made. I followed the super helpful video from Simply Maggie, did exactly what she told me, and ended up with a great blanket. I love the blanket. I have already cozied up with the blanket. If I had more yarn I would make another of this exact same blanket. It is wonderful and easy and quick. But it is also all I could muster this time of year. Go check out the post at Simply Maggie and make it. It can be your calm in the holiday storm.


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