Nearly Crafty was born out of my lifetime of craft-related injuries and failures.  From my first gold painted macaroni covered shoe box (it was fabulous in my mind) I knew I loved crafting. When that same shoe box was made so that the lid couldn’t close, I knew I was not totally awesome at it.

A little failure never stopped me, so I went onward and upward with my crafting. I have learned how to knit and subsequently forgotten how 3 separate times. I have a scar from a cooking failure. I have used staples on clothing projects that I wore in public. I have cobbled together more projects than I care to count.

All this experience has taught me a couple of lessons. First, you don’t have to make Martha perfect items to have fun crafting. Looking at your finished work is like looking at your newborn baby – you see all the beauty and none of the naked mole rat-ness of the final product. Second, there is something soothing (and simultaneously frustrating) about putting hand to material and ending with a creation of your own. You learn so much during the process that it is worth it to at least try.

Now, why read a blog by someone who makes so many mistakes?  Well, the best reason is because you are bored and have come to the end of the internet. The second best reason is so you can learn from my errors. I document my flubs so you know what hurdles you might face along the way. Check out my Near Misses at the end of a post so you can see all the ways I messed up and you won’t make the same mistakes I did.

Now get ready to become Nearly Crafty!