Peyote Stitch Necklace

Just in case you were wondering, I am still totally into peyote stitch. Nothing feeds the soul of a Type-A crafter like laser cut beads that are meant to fit together with a satisfying pop. Lordy how I love that feeling when you pull the beading thread and those two little beads click together like […]

Leather Coffee Cup Sleeve

How does this whole craft blogging thing work? Well, I come up with a project and take it from concept to final product and post in a couple of days. That level of productivity feels great. That level of productivity also happens about as often as my children make it through a day without telling […]

Indie Sew Clothes

I tend to craft in bursts, both in crafting methods and in actual projects. About once a week the family hits that sweet spot where the kids are playing together well for upwards of an hour and I can get a few projects going. After that hour, the kids are screaming and fighting and I […]

Jalapeno Moscow Mule Popsicles

It is hot in the PNW. Like, 90+ degrees, highest temps in recorded history, kinda hot. Everyone in Seattle is talking about it. People are waiting in line outside Costco to buy window unit air conditioners. The beaches are packed and any store with central air is pretty much the new, hip hangout joint.┬áThe Hubs […]

Child Art Dress

This child art dress project has been a long time coming. I came up with the idea in the fall and have been slowly getting it together over a few months. It isn’t a hard project or one that should have taken so long, but I kept putting it off. I think the reason for […]

Wire Hair Wrap

Sis had to wear a purple shirt to school a few weeks ago and, somehow, we didn’t have as single piece of purple child’s clothing in the entire house. I’m not even sure how that was possible as most of the time my children dress like they are wearing not just all the colors of […]

Clay “Bone” Necklace

My recent obsession with white clay took a turn for the dramatic when I decided to make this bold clay “bone” necklace. I wanted a statement piece and (with some gold leaf paint and a few basic jewelry supplies) a statement piece is what I got. I’m pretty much in love with this one and […]

Wood Ring Upgrade

I have made my love affair with Fusion Beads in Seattle very clear. The staff and the selection are top notch. The Hubs knows that if he ever comes home and finds a Dear John note and a duffle bag of my clothes missing, the only place to find me will be Fusion Beads. Imagine […]

Design Love Fest DIY Toilet Paper Holder

A couple of months ago one of my regular blog stalking faves, Design Love Fest, posted a DIY toilet paper holder post. Inspired by their favorite hotels, they decided to create some upgrades to one of the most dullsville parts of a bathroom. I decided to try my hand at this project because our first […]

Summer Schedule and Craft List

Summer vacation is either upon you already or right around the corner. Even if you don’t have a school-aged child, you might be aware of this fact by that crazy-eyed, twitchy movement you see in every other mom you meet. There is a lot of “what are we going to do?” and “how are we […]