Nearly Crafty is a mobile DIY workshop that brings the meditative, medicinal, and inspirational benefits of crafting to employees in the form of 20 minute DIY projects.

Nearly Crafty is a new way to think about employee wellness. In 1986, if a corporate CEO said, “I’m going to put a gym in the office for employees because it will keep them healthy and happy” everyone would have thought she was crazy. Fast forward 30 years and we all know how that idea worked out. Way to think ahead CEO lady!

Nearly Crafty DIY workshops are the office gym idea of today. What if you were to provide your employees with an inspired way to take a creative break in the middle of a stressful day? They would get the proven meditative and medicinal benefits that come from 20 minutes of crafting. They would reignite their creative mind and come back to the job with inspiration, fresh ideas, and lower blood pressure. They would go home that day feeling proud of their completed project and thankful that they work at such a forward thinking company.

Employees benefit. Companies benefit.
There is no reason to say no to Nearly Crafty workshops!