Paleo Orange Cranberry Relish

Last week, I mentioned that my  husband is a stickler for tradition when it comes to the Thanksgiving feast. Every year we have the exact same meal – no exceptions. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, creamed spinach, sweet potato apple bake, stuffed prunes, orange cranberry relish, apple pie, and pumpkin pie. In the 17 years I have […]

Cardboard Tube Tree Advent Calendar

When it comes to the holidays, we are a family based deeply in tradition. We use the same tree skirt every year, we have the same breakfast every Christmas morning, and don’t even suggest straying from our set Thanksgiving Day dinner menu. The Hubs will cut you. Not kidding. He. Will. Cut. You. The one […]

Pallet Wall Art

I had to do it. I am 16 months deep in this crafting blog and I just had to do it. There was no more dancing around it. There was no more time for excuses. If I held out much longer, the craft blogging gods were going to revoke my glue gun access. I had […]

Paper Nesting Cats

Wha Wha?!?! Fumbling Friday is here!!! Let’s get our paper crafting on! (See how exciting paper can be? You are pumped up. I know it.) Sis has always been obsessed with cats. There was her cat birthday party. 80% of her clothing has some form of a cat on it. And I don’t think I […]

Chain Tassel Necklace

I started to write this post about how my grandparents used to own an antique store before they passed away and how all the items that were inside have made their way to my parents’ home since the store closed. It is an interesting story, but ends up being a lot of words that can […]

Sewing Cards

  Bubba is in preschool these days. He goes 2 days a week for 2 hours a day and he loves it. Last week on the way to school he told me he is going to marry his teacher. I mean…swoon. If the age difference wasn’t alarming I would totally embrace Teacher Tom being my […]

Paper Crafts

For November’s Fumbling Friday I want to try paper crafts. Is that really a crafting genre? I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like it. Oh well. There are so many cute little things that can be made out of a simple piece of paper that I want to see what projects I can come up […]

Thanksgiving Kindness and Thankful Paper Chain

Our November tradition for the last few years has been our Thankful Paper Chain. We are doing it again this year, but we have added a new element. It is our Random Acts of Kindness Paper Chain. We decided that being thankful for what we have is important, but so is making other people feel […]

Faux Knit End Tables

As I get older I am trying to decorate our home with actual pieces of furniture. We have a long history of needing an X – bookcase, bed, chair, etc. – and just buying the most basic Ikea piece we can that fills that need. It makes for a very boring home. A home that […]

Felted Dryer Balls

I’m back for Fumbling Friday! Things have been slow in blogdom because the Husband and I went out of town all by our lonesome selves for a long weekend in California. There was wine, a wedding, sea kayaking, and lots of laughs. My adult spirit has been refueled. Now, back to crafting. For our last […]