Planning a birthday party away from home

We held Sis’s 5th birthday party at a neighborhood community center this year. As I was preparing for the festivities, I realized that getting ready for a party outside of your home is a totally different ballgame than prepping for an in home party. Today I want to share with you some of my tips […]

Wood-Burned Earrings

Fumbling Friday is upon us and I am doing the worst job with this whole wood burning thing. I am using my wood burner all the time and it has quickly become my new favorite crafting device, but I keep burning stuff that isn’t wood. I feel like I might actually get a better understanding […]

DIY Hanging Planter

  I am really bad at decorating our home. It isn’t that I don’t have grand ideas or plans. I have plenty of those. It is just that I don’t like to commit to any one style. If I had my way I would have one home that is entirely white/modern/natural wood, another that is […]

Vacation Crochet Cuff

Our recent vacation to the Oregon coast was our first family vacation since I started Nearly Crafty. We visited a tiny town that is all of 6 blocks long with one main street lined with shops and restaurants. As I wandered in and out of the shops one afternoon (I should mention I was alone. […]

Wood Burned Cork Placemats

Fumbling Friday! Wahoo! Today we are taking wood burning to a different medium: cork. Why should wood have all the fun?! (Yeah – I just wrote that.) These wood-burned cork placemats take about 10 minutes to make and really bring a bit of whimsy to your table. Materials Cork Placemats – You know where to find […]

Family Vacation Sea Glass Ring

A couple of weeks ago the family and I spent a week on the Oregon coast. It was one of those great vacations where you don’t actually do anything of any consequence and you come out feeling relaxed. All we did was was spend time on the beach – wandering, digging, splashing, and playing. While […]

Lampshade Bowl

Yesterday was Sis’s 5th birthday party. How in the F she is 5 is beyond me. The first birthday sneaks up on you, but I feel like that is to be expected. You spend the first 6 months not sleeping at all so I understand how a parent is still in a total daze when […]

Wood-Burned Spoon

Fumbling Friday is here so let’s get to it! This is our first woodburning project and I can tell you that I am totally obsessed. At the risk of sounding much more Beavis and Butthead-esque than I would like, this crating method has taught me that I am really into burning stuff. Really. I want […]

“No Skill Required” Necklace

Every six months or so I have a straight old fashioned freak out about the amount of crafting material I have in my home and I resolve to restrain from any future purchases until I have made a large dent in my stockpile. This resolution is usually followed by an overwhelming urge to BUY. ALL. […]

Steel Toe Studios Giveaway

Our Triple Strand Bracelet giveaway is coming to a close – you have a few hours left to enter here - but I couldn’t wait to start another giveaway. And get this…this time the prize is made by an actual artist. Like, a real life professional with training and years of experience and all that! I […]