Clay and Cross Stitch

I love being a mom. Kids are insane and awesome. That said, we do get the shaft a lot. I am sitting in a tea shop right now listening to the employee powwow they do at the beginning of the day. They are talking about how to sell more stuff and all of them agreed […]

DIY Cactus Pants

Last week, I was making my usual blog stalking rounds when I landed on Studio DIY. Since every little thing she does IS, in fact, magic I was not surprised that she found the most covetable cactus pants ever. They might also be the only cactus pants ever, but that is neither here nor there. […]

Combed Thunder Weaving Class

The other day I mentioned to a friend that I took a weaving class. She said my life sounds like a summer camp where you don’t have to hide the booze. That is the greatest dream I could ever want for my life. Can you imagine? Arts, crafts, the occasional canoe ride, and wine. I […]

Warm Warmer Disco Shirt

Have you all checked out Kelly at Studio DIY? She is pretty much the most adorable crafter out there and she churns out great ideas like Ben & Jerry’s churns out bliss in a paper pint container. A few weeks ago she shared some DIY Graphic Tees and I couldn’t resist making one of my […]

Dip Dyed Linen Shirt

I have been the proud creator of about 30 million craft fails in my life. Some were horrible ideas from the start that didn’t make it more than one step out of the starting block. These usually involve pompoms and hot glue guns. Some projects fell apart halfway through. I currently have a weird pile […]

Milk Moon Kids Growth Chart Giveaway

Did you know that today is National Reach As High As You Can Day? I would bet $10,000 you did not know that tidbit because no one actually keeps track of all the unofficial national holidays out there in the world. Except National Doughnut Day. That is June 5. Write it down. Never forget it. […]

Trio of Beaded Bracelets

At my last trek to my new favorite bead store I found these tribal-like beads that I fell in love with. I bought them without a real plan in mind, but I knew that I wanted to wear them on my wrist and that I wanted a lot of them. After a few failed project […]

Felt Easter Egg

This felt Easter egg isn’t really a DIY tutorial as much as it is a reminder to use up your crafting supplies! We are having a casual Easter brunch with friends this Sunday and I realized I have zero Easter decor. Like zero zero. I fed all the decorated Easter eggs to Sis this week […]

Connect the Dot Easter Eggs

Easter is a fairly fleeting celebration in our house. We prefer to celebrate the equinox and the start of spring and the rebirth of the Earth more than we get into magical bunnies that creep into you house and leave you candy. BTW – Why does every holiday involve some form of breaking and entering? […]

Druzy Chain Bracelet

A couple of weeks ago I headed to┬áthe nearby jewelry store to grab some jump rings. This store doesn’t have a great selection and their prices are too high, but it is close to our house and I was buying such a basic item that the overcharge amount was cheaper than the cost of gas […]