Marbleized Wood Bead Bracelet

Fumbling Friday! Bring it! This week in Marbleizing we are going to make a marbleized wood bead bracelet. I am really happy with how this project went down (once I worked out some kinks) and also with the end result. This is one of those projects that fits that sacred crafting area of gifts that […]

Leather Yin Yang Bag

After years of use, my beloved Timi and Leslie diaper bag had to be retired. The inner lining had been fully ripped from the outer leather, the handles were so worn there wasn’t even leather on them anymore, and every time I reached into the bag my hand came out both wet and covered in […]

Tissue Paper Child Art

I have been having a lot of fun lately doing little art projects with the kids. Maybe it is because Bubba is getting older so he can participate more. Maybe it is because Sis is back in school so I have more mental energy to deal with the messes that accompany the projects. Maybe it […]

Marbleized Paper

Because I had a mild emotional breakdown last week, I am a behind on Fumbling Friday. Lucky for all of us, I chose a pretty simple theme this month so there isn’t much to catch up on. This month we are going to be testing out Marbleizing. I don’t know if it qualifies as its […]

One Day Pinata

We love a good old fashioned pinata in our house. Well, not IN our house (yes, we have learned that preference from experience) but within the confines of our family unit and the celebrations that involve us. Get it? I have made traditional pinatas in the past. Remember this cat pinata from Sis’s 4th birthday […]

Travel Toy Car Mat

With two small kids in the house and a budget to follow, dining out is not a super common occurrence in our house. We do the occasional breakfast or lunch out, but the majority of our meals are prepared and consumed within the four walls of our home. Recently, we had a week where Sis […]

Accidental Break

This week I accidentally took a short blog break. I didn’t mean to. I had projects that were completed and and photos that were edited. I was ready. And then I got really sad and didn’t feel like talking about crafting. Sis started kindergarten this week and I was totally blindsided. I know that sounds […]

Wood Burned Cutting Board

Our last Wood Burning Fumbling Friday is upon us! After a month of inhaling smoke fumes and listening to the sizzling sound that accompanies touching torch to wood, I feel like I can officially declare my love of wood burning. Why? Let me list the reasons…because the only thing I love more than wood burning […]

Spend, Save, and Share Banks

When Sis turned 4 we decided to start giving her an allowance. Prior to making this decision, I read a pile of articles about all the methods for teaching kids about money. We decided part of our approach would include giving the kids an allowance for the sole purpose of teaching them what to do […]

Planning a birthday party away from home

We held Sis’s 5th birthday party at a neighborhood community center this year. As I was preparing for the festivities, I realized that getting ready for a party outside of your home is a totally different ballgame than prepping for an in home party. Today I want to share with you some of my tips […]