Wire Hair Wrap

Sis had to wear a purple shirt to school a few weeks ago and, somehow, we didn’t have as single piece of purple child’s clothing in the entire house. I’m not even sure how that was possible as most of the time my children dress like they are wearing not just all the colors of […]

Clay “Bone” Necklace

My recent obsession with white clay took a turn for the dramatic when I decided to make this bold clay “bone” necklace. I wanted a statement piece and (with some gold leaf paint and a few basic jewelry supplies) a statement piece is what I got. I’m pretty much in love with this one and […]

Wood Ring Upgrade

I have made my love affair with Fusion Beads in Seattle very clear. The staff and the selection are top notch. The Hubs knows that if he ever comes home and finds a Dear John note and a duffle bag of my clothes missing, the only place to find me will be Fusion Beads. Imagine […]

Design Love Fest DIY Toilet Paper Holder

A couple of months ago one of my regular blog stalking faves, Design Love Fest, posted a DIY toilet paper holder post. Inspired by their favorite hotels, they decided to create some upgrades to one of the most dullsville parts of a bathroom. I decided to try my hand at this project because our first […]

Summer Schedule and Craft List

Summer vacation is either upon you already or right around the corner. Even if you don’t have a school-aged child, you might be aware of this fact by that crazy-eyed, twitchy movement you see in every other mom you meet. There is a lot of “what are we going to do?” and “how are we […]

Donut Ring

NATIONAL DONUT DAY IS HERE!!!!! I really like donuts. Lemon filled is my #1 choice because who doesn’t love sugary gelatinous goo? The #2 spot goes to the maple bar. I know, it might not quite be a true donut, but frack they are fabulous. #3 is any other donut that is in front of […]

DIY Hexagonal Gold Leaf Tray

I have spent a large portion of my adult life searching for the perfect plain white t-shirt. [Before you read any further, I feel compelled to tell you I have yet to find the holy grail of PWTs. I don’t want you reading this whole thing, getting all pumped up in the deepest part of […]

Bridgewater Candle Party with a Purpose

When I was Alt Summit in January, I was introduced to the Bridgewater Candle Company and they quickly made a fan out of me. Their candles are lovely and the packaging on their jar candle beats anything else on the market, but that is only part of the reason they make my heart go all […]

Minted “Beep Beep” Birthday Party

My children are as different as night and day. Sis is a fighter. She is extremely focused and knows exactly what she wants at all times. She is hilarious and intense and amazing. Bubba is laid back and eternally optimistic. He is all smiles and sharing and feelings. When we planned Sis’s 3rd birthday party […]

Back on planet Earth

After a couple weeks “off”, I am officially back on planet Earth! If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook (and if you aren’t you should be) you might have caught on that I have been a busy bee these days. I was lucky enough to be chosen to be the Creative Director for […]