Narwhal Mug

Every once in a while I get a crafting request. As soon as the request is made, I take it as a full on life mission (I’m so worn out I just had to sit and think how to spell “mission” without a “t.”) to find a way to make the project. My competitive spirit […]

Fleece Pig Slippers

I have an abundance of leftover pink fleece from Sis’s Halloween costume. She was a pig – the costume was ridic cute, but I didn’t post it. You will have to wait until next year. Bad blogger, I know. Anyway, I made that doll diaper changing table pad with the pink fleece which got rid […]

Arm Knit Blanket

Ha ha ha ha (insert cackle sound and totally dead eye stare here) ha ha ha ha ha! Has anyone else been totally busy and swamped and overwhelmed with holiday madness?!? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I’m f’n losing it. F’n. Losing. It. I thought that having Thanksgiving a few weeks early would create […]

DIY Gifts for All

Today I’m hooking you up with a little recap post listing DIY gifts for all the people on your holiday shopping list. No matter who you need a gift for, you will find something to make in this list. These are also quick to make crafts – no multi-week knitting projects included! For Kids Alphabet […]

Blanket Scarf

  About 12 years ago, my parents traveled to Pakistan for the wedding of a family friend. When they returned, my mother brought with her a couple of large, winter weight, wool pashminas. Both she and I have used them as our travel scarf ever since. They are beautiful and large enough to be a […]

Toddler Painted Magnets

November’s Fumbling Friday was a total fail. I picked paper crafting as the theme, but with all the holiday madness that was going on I never got into it. I was totally crafting, just not with paper. Oh well. Life goes on. Since it is officially holiday gift giving season  our final month of Fumbling […]

Customized Winter Hat

Every winter I face the same conundrum: I want a cozy, unique knit hat but I possess neither the time nor the skill to make such a hat. This year I came up with a quick fix for my annual problem with this customized winter hat. I picked up a run of the mill (yet […]

Doll Changing Table Pad

As we all know, Sis is totally baby obsessed. The obsession usually manifests itself in the hoarding of baby dolls and all the 18 million accessories that go along with them. She has car seats (both infant and toddler), bottles, bibs, high chairs, strollers, cribs, diapers, and burp clothes. The list never ends. In fact, […]

Paleo Orange Cranberry Relish

Last week, I mentioned that my  husband is a stickler for tradition when it comes to the Thanksgiving feast. Every year we have the exact same meal – no exceptions. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, creamed spinach, sweet potato apple bake, stuffed prunes, orange cranberry relish, apple pie, and pumpkin pie. In the 17 years I have […]

Cardboard Tube Tree Advent Calendar

When it comes to the holidays, we are a family based deeply in tradition. We use the same tree skirt every year, we have the same breakfast every Christmas morning, and don’t even suggest straying from our set Thanksgiving Day dinner menu. The Hubs will cut you. Not kidding. He. Will. Cut. You. The one […]