Felted Dryer Balls

I’m back for Fumbling Friday! Things have been slow in blogdom because the Husband and I went out of town all by our lonesome selves for a long weekend in California. There was wine, a wedding, sea kayaking, and lots of laughs. My adult spirit has been refueled. Now, back to crafting. For our last […]

Felting with Kids

Today we will answer the age old question: Can little kids do a felting project? I know you have spent late nights up thinking about if this is a possibility. I hope you find some calm with my answer: Yes. Felting with kids is possible and even fun. This project requires a special paper that […]

Felted Phone Case

My goal for this week’s Fumbling Friday was to create a modern felting project. In my head, felting creates a lot of old school looking projects and that usually isn’t my aesthetic preference. When I was stocking up on felting supplies I came upon a premade felt phone case. It was only $3.50 and was […]

Halloween Handprint Garland

Bubba and I had some extra alone time this week when Sis went straight from school to a play date, so I decided to try a crafting project with just the little dude. Outside basic painting and coloring, Bubba and I have been doing very little crafting. I have been leaving that up to his […]

Leathercraft with Moxie and Oliver

Last weekend I spent 7 hours at a leathercraft class lead by the always amazing Caitlin McNamara Sullivan of Moxie and Oliver. Caitlin has been making belts and bags and all sorts of vegetable tanned leather treats since 2004. Back in the day, she was a paralegal who couldn’t find a high quality belt she […]

Fumbling Friday: Felted Bluebirds

Here we are with the first Fumbling Friday of our felting month! Not gonna lie – I had no idea what I was doing when I signed up for this month’s project. I didn’t do any reading or prepping so this is true winging it. There is no better way to see how this process […]

Leather Knot Handle Purse

Remember the other day when I made that leather yin yang bag and discussed how it was the perfect transition purse size from diaper bag to regular bag? Well, that still holds true, but I discovered that I still need a large bag on hand. We flew across the country last week and there was […]


I have been racking my brain for weeks trying to come up with a new crafting method to try for October’s Fumbling Friday. Normally, I have bunches and tons and gobs of ideas for things I want to try, but for some reason this month nothing sounded appealing. Maybe it is because we are insanely […]

Wood Veneer Wrap Bracelet

A few weeks ago I had 20 minutes to myself in a wood crafting store. No kids. No hubs. All by myself. I have become amazing efficient in my old age when presented with scenarios like this and this visit was no exception. In 20 minutes, I lapped the store, got tips from two employees, […]

Marbleized Pumpkins

We are at the end of our month of marbleizing! How is it the end of September already? Marbleizing is pretty much the easiest, most versatile crafting method we have done so far. You can make super kid friendly projects as well as more sophisticated crafts. I think over the next few months I am […]