Wrapped and Beaded Hoops

52 weeks of earrings continues with these wrapped and beaded hoops. I like embroidery floss. It is cheap. It comes in about 1 million colors. It is easy to use. It dresses up pretty much any object in the universe, from metal to canvas to clay. So I used to it dress up some metal […]

DIY Tassel Key Chain

There are lots of times being a “stay at home most of the time” mom is less than glamorous. I don’t feel particularly fabulous when I’m running errands in my stretched out t-shirt, cardigan that makes me sweat an abnormally large amount in the armpit region, jeans with leftover breakfast streaking across the thighs, and […]

DIY X and O Earrings

I hate spending a lot of money on trendy items, but I kinda, sorta, not-so-secretly love being trendy. Lately, I have been falling a wee bit head over heels in serious like with all the “X” and “O” gold stud earrings that keep popping up because of the impending holiday. They are simple and understated […]

“Why I Love You” Wreath

Valentine’s Day is barreling at us as February kicks off next week. Both kids have simple Valentine’s Day parties at their schools with the standard card swap and hoopla. That is all fine and well, but I have been struggling to come up with a way to make the holiday mean something more than just a […]

DIY Antler Earrings

There is a common misconception that when kids make presents for adults, particularly jewelry, it has to be 1) made of some sort of food, 2) contain every color in the rainbow, and 3) be generally hideous from a fashion perspective. As a mother of two, I have my fair share of bracelets and necklaces […]

DIY Lariat Necklace

GUYS! I can’t stop making jewelry! Help! (Or don’t help and just let me keep on coming up with new ways to up my accessory game thereby teaching you new ways to do the same.) On a recent Fusion Beads trip, I saw this sweet little sunburst charm and knew I wanted to turn it into something […]

Wood and Quartz Earrings

These earrings. I mean. I just can’t even. I love them. I really freakin’ love them. As I get older, my own personal style solidifies. I am very drawn to clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic in both my clothes and my accessories. That is probably because my house is always a mess, I’m always scrambling […]

Brass and Leather Cuff

I am totally obsessed with giant pieces of statement jewelry. This is likely because I am horrible at layering smaller pieces of jewelry, so I fall back on slapping on some giant bauble that can stand alone. I recently went to a little cocktail hour at a local jewelry shop where the owner of the […]

Teardrop Clay Earrings

Welcome to my year of earrings! It sounds crazy to make 52 pair of earrings now that I have put the plan into words, but I have found over the years of crafting that jewelry making is kinda my jam. I love planning birthday parties and creating home decor and all that fun stuff, but […]

New Year = New Adventure

Happy new year to all my crafty friends out there in computer land! We made it through 2015 – that deserves high fives all around. Go us! 2016 has some major changes in store for me here at Nearly Crafty…but you will have to wait a few months to learn those details. In the meantime, […]