Druzy Chain Bracelet

A couple of weeks ago I headed to┬áthe nearby jewelry store to grab some jump rings. This store doesn’t have a great selection and their prices are too high, but it is close to our house and I was buying such a basic item that the overcharge amount was cheaper than the cost of gas […]

Sidewalk Chalk Easter Eggs

Easter is almost here so it is time to start sorting out what exactly Bubba and Sis are going to get in their baskets this year. I try to minimize the candy and crap that comes into our home this time of year so their baskets usually consist of one book, two activity type games, […]

River Rock Peyote Stitch Bracelet

About a year ago I made a couple of black and copper peyote stitch rings. Remember these? I totally enjoyed not only the finished product, but also the whole process of working with the peyote stitch. I’m sure that is because my total Type A personality geeks out when a jar of loose, messy beads […]

St. Patrick’s Day Sweatshirt

Remember that $4 IKEA blanket I mentioned when I made the St. Patrick’s Day banner? It’s back for another craft today! I told you, I can’t turn down a giant piece of fabric for $4 and have been super into trying to use it all up before St. Patrick’s Day. My kids have no green […]

Shabby Chic Bookend Upgrade

Yesterday I walked into Starbucks with my boobs hanging out. I was not nursing a baby. I was not wearing one of those classy (or should I say “klassy”?) t-shirts with a female body in a bikini painted on the front that are only sold at the finest beach town gas stations. I was not […]

St. Patrick’s Day Banner

I went on a green shopping spree a few weeks ago in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day crafting. I was at my favorite craft store, Ikea, when I found this $4 scalloped edge fleece blanket. It is physically impossible for me to pass up that much fabric for such a low price so home I […]

Quartz and Neon Statement Necklace

Two days a week Bubba goes to this lovely co-op preschool about 15 minutes from our house. I work in the classroom one day a week and the other day I leave him at school and have some free time. His class is only 2 hours long and parking is a chore so I usually […]

Green Gift Boxes

I like to keep celebrations rolling all year long in our family. It is amazing that we are even standing here when you think about all the stars that had to align just for us to be born, so you better believe I am going to party it up as much as I can during […]

Rock Star Ring

I made this ring and was feeling all sorts of powerful when I was done. This ring is big, bold, and makes me feel like a rock star when I wear it. It just screams, “I can get drunk and get in a fist fight and win” even though my reality is more, “I can […]

Big Time Giveaway!

Good morning all you lovely people! Today is a great day over here at Nearly Crafty and I’m so excited you all stopped by!┬áThere has been a major influx of new visitors to the site lately and I wanted to share some treats with everyone. You know, just ’cause. This big time giveaway is no […]