Green Gift Boxes

I like to keep celebrations rolling all year long in our family. It is amazing that we are even standing here when you think about all the stars that had to align just for us to be born, so you better believe I am going to party it up as much as I can during […]

Rock Star Ring

I made this ring and was feeling all sorts of powerful when I was done. This ring is big, bold, and makes me feel like a rock star when I wear it. It just screams, “I can get drunk and get in a fist fight and win” even though my reality is more, “I can […]

Big Time Giveaway!

Good morning all you lovely people! Today is a great day over here at Nearly Crafty and I’m so excited you all stopped by! There has been a major influx of new visitors to the site lately and I wanted to share some treats with everyone. You know, just ’cause. This big time giveaway is no […]

St. Patrick’s Day Green Smoothie

As soon as Valentine’s Day is over I leap forward to all that is green and gold for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not Irish, but pretty much anytime gold is involved in a color scheme I am in like Flynn. I mean…gold! Now, I know it is still February and the rest of you might […]

Pucker Up Valentine Printable

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be all red and pink?! Not this girl, that’s for sure. I was doing some grocery store gift shopping for Valentine’s Day when I came across an adorable vintage soda bottle. Well, I’m assuming the soda is fresh and that the retro bottle/label are just a part of their […]

Altitude Summit Business Cards

I have been talking about Altitude Summit pretty much non-stop since I returned home from the conference, but this is my last full on Alt post. I don’t want you all to think I joined some whacked out cult or anything. I mean, I totally would join a cult if Alt asked me to, but […]

Copper and Wood Earrings

Part of the Altitude Summit conference I attended is The Exchanging of the Business Cards. That isn’t actually an event Alt puts on, but is should be. People really bring it when it comes to cards at Alt. There are moving parts, wood laser cuts, and some of the thickest, most delicious paper you have […]

Altitude Summit Recap

Twelve days ago I flew to Salt Lake City to be a part of my first Altitude Summit Conference. Alt Summit (even it’s nickname is cool) is a semi-annual business conference for bloggers, creatives, and makers. It is a place to connect, learn, and be inspired. There are speakers, classes, round tables, and every other […]

Hand Heart Bookmarks

The Valentine’s Day cards we came up with for the kids this year have a literary theme. Bubba and I did some crafts that turned into book plates for his classmates. Sis is in kindergarten and it seems like everyone in her class is sorting out how to read. As a tribute to this new […]

Chocolate Lavender Sugar Scrub

I am heading out of town today for Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City. There are many exciting things about this trip. First, I get to meet about 200 of the most inspirational and creative people I can ever hope to run into. Second, all 200 of those people will be wearing great shoes. Third, […]